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Tanvi Says

August 9, 2022

For Bubbles & Books, Amanda is joined by Rachel & the lovely Tanvi! Tanvi is the force behind Stories for Story County at Dog-Eared Books. You'll also hear about all the exciting things happening at Dog-Eared Books this month, and what new releases to keep an eye out for. 

There are many underrepresented communities! A library which includes titles that feature disabled characters, for example, should include stories that center a wide range of disabilities rather than those we believe are the most common or with which we are the most familiar.

It’s vital that the students in one’s classroom have access to representative literature. Remembering that many identities and experiences are “invisible” is helpful to avoid creating collections based on what we believe we know about the people we are serving.

If you would like to support Stories for Story County, but don't live locally! Follow this link to purchase book bundles for us to give to teachers and librarians. https://store.dogearedbooksames.com/stories-for-story-county