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Found In Translation

An exciting episode featuring two of our booksellers Mariah and Sarah, who are also now Dog-Eared book club hosts! Amanda & Ellyn chat with the duo about their new book club Found in Translation.

The Found in Translation book club tours the globe by reading translated works of world literature! Through incredible books from authors and translators abroad, we’ll explore distant countries, cultures, communities, and landscapes as we broaden our horizons and become better global citizens. You can find the list of books they plan to read this year by following this link! 

Make sure to subscribe, rate and review!! Happy reading and cheers to another good week!

Reading Makes Us Better Humans

The Power of Storytelling is real. And we encourage you to seek out stories from different perspectives.

Storytelling allows all experiences to be shared and consumed by readers who many need those stories, or to help people better understand someone else's experience from our own. We stand by those with uteruses making decisions for themselves. 

Shelf Organization

How do you organize your bookshelves? Is it by alphabetical order, color coordinated, height or maybe something else? This week Ellyn & Amanda share their shelf (or lack of) organization. They'll chat about all the ways in which they like to store books, if they're someone who collects multiple copies or what they think of certain methods of organization. Hear about all the exciting new releases coming out and what's poppin' at the store this week.

Let’s Play a Game

We have a busy few weeks coming up at the store, so Ellyn decided that for today's episode to play a game with Amanda called "Thriller or Romance". For this game Ellyn searched the interwebs to find the most ridiculous thriller book and romance book titles so she could dramatically read the to Amanda and have her guess what type of book it is. And it's not as easy as it may sound.

We are collaborating with five other indie bookstores in central Iowa for Indie Bookstore Day! We would love for you to participate not only in the joy and fun of Indie Bookstore Day, but the Central Iowa Independent Bookstore Crawl on Saturday, April 30, and all through the month of May. At your first stop, pick up your "bookstore passport" to have stamped at all six bookstores to be entered to win the GRAND Prize! Adventure to all these bookstores on a solo trip, or with all the bookish people in your life. Passports are only available on Saturday, April 30, at any of these six indie bookstore locations. Complete your passport throughout the month of May, and turn it in to your last bookstore stop, to be entered for the grand prize as pictured. When you've received two stamps, you will start earning a 15% discount to use on future purchases at any location, beginning Sunday, May 1.

Auto-Buy Authors

What author(s), no matter what they write, do you buy their books? This week's topic of conversation was inspired by bookstagrammer Megan, @The_Spines. She recently did a reel of authors she will always buy their work. Ellyn & Amanda discuss which authors are on their list. Share with us who your auto-buy authors are!

This or That

It's time for another episode of your favorite podcast!

Play This or That with Amanda & Ellyn. Amanda leads the game going over the preferences for how they like their books. Want to play too? Check our Instagram stories to participate!

There are a lot of fun things happening at the store this week like trivia and story time. And we will be open this Sunday on Easter!

Hey Jessayyy!

This week is a HUGE WEEK for new releases in hardcover, paperback and even audio! Ellen is gone, so Amanda has invited Bookseller Jess to help with talking about the many new books hitting shelves this week. You'll as always hear about the current reads, and what's poppin' at Dog-Eared Books in Ames. 

Buy Denise Williams' new audiobook The Love Connection and support us by purchasing it from Libro.fm, https://libro.fm/audiobooks/9780593631171-the-love-connection. Make sure you choose Dog-Eared Books Ames as your local indie bookstore to support!

Don't miss author Tirzah Price at Dog-Eared Books on April 11 at 6 PM to get a copy of her book signed!

Follow us on Instagram @dogearedbooksames and Tiktok @dogearedbooks and find us on Facebook! 

How We Rate Books

How do you keep track of the books you read, want to read and are currently reading? Do you attach a rating system to your reviews? This week's episode Amanda and Ellyn share their process once they've finished a book. You'll also hear about the new releases and everything fun happening at Dog-Eared Books. And once again we get a special treat of Ellyn singing. 

What’s Your Favorite Book?

Amanda is gone this week, so Ellyn has invited Tanvi & Rachel join her this week on Bubbles & Books. They're chatting the usual topics of what they're reading, what's happening at the store and upcoming releases. The three discuss books that impacted them as readers, and Tanvi shares about the MANY book clubs she hosts at Dog-Eared Books. This is an episode you won't want to miss. 

Deidre DeJear

In this episode Amanda & Ellyn chat with gubernatorial candidate Deidre Dejear. She shares parts of her platform on education, medical care and what she hopes to do for Iowa if elected as Governor. 

Ellyn & Amanda also share new releases, their current reads and everything happening at the store. 

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