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This or That

It's time for another episode of your favorite podcast!

Play This or That with Amanda & Ellyn. Amanda leads the game going over the preferences for how they like their books. Want to play too? Check our Instagram stories to participate!

There are a lot of fun things happening at the store this week like trivia and story time. And we will be open this Sunday on Easter!

Hey Jessayyy!

This week is a HUGE WEEK for new releases in hardcover, paperback and even audio! Ellen is gone, so Amanda has invited Bookseller Jess to help with talking about the many new books hitting shelves this week. You'll as always hear about the current reads, and what's poppin' at Dog-Eared Books in Ames. 

Buy Denise Williams' new audiobook The Love Connection and support us by purchasing it from Libro.fm, https://libro.fm/audiobooks/9780593631171-the-love-connection. Make sure you choose Dog-Eared Books Ames as your local indie bookstore to support!

Don't miss author Tirzah Price at Dog-Eared Books on April 11 at 6 PM to get a copy of her book signed!

Follow us on Instagram @dogearedbooksames and Tiktok @dogearedbooks and find us on Facebook! 

How We Rate Books

How do you keep track of the books you read, want to read and are currently reading? Do you attach a rating system to your reviews? This week's episode Amanda and Ellyn share their process once they've finished a book. You'll also hear about the new releases and everything fun happening at Dog-Eared Books. And once again we get a special treat of Ellyn singing. 

What’s Your Favorite Book?

Amanda is gone this week, so Ellyn has invited Tanvi & Rachel join her this week on Bubbles & Books. They're chatting the usual topics of what they're reading, what's happening at the store and upcoming releases. The three discuss books that impacted them as readers, and Tanvi shares about the MANY book clubs she hosts at Dog-Eared Books. This is an episode you won't want to miss. 

Deidre DeJear

In this episode Amanda & Ellyn chat with gubernatorial candidate Deidre Dejear. She shares parts of her platform on education, medical care and what she hopes to do for Iowa if elected as Governor. 

Ellyn & Amanda also share new releases, their current reads and everything happening at the store. 

It’s Our Birthday!

It's our birthday and we're celebrating!! Amanda & Ellyn share what it was like opening Dog-Eared Books one year ago, their current reads, new releases and what's happening at the store this week.

Thank you to our listeners and readers for one fabulous year!

We Don’t Futz Around

What is "futzing"? Just one of the many questions that plague Amanda & Ellyn in their daily life. This week hear what it takes to be a bookseller at Dog-Eared Books as we debunk some alleged rumors. We chat upcoming releases and all things happening at the store. And if you hang around to the end of the podcast you'll hear the musical stylings of Amanda and Ellyn. Thanks for listening!

Dead Rabbit We’re Coming For You

We're poppin' a bottle of Prince Alexandre champagne for this week's episode. Amanda & Ellyn chat about their current reads, upcoming releases and as always what's happening at Dog-Eared Books, your favorite local indie bookstore in Ames, IA. 

Cheers to the”No-Mosa”

Ellyn & Amanda talk about their current reads of a coffee table book to inspire you to create your own indoor jungle, and "Devil House" by John Darnielle. As well as what's coming out this week in new-releases and paperback. And they do this all while drinking Champagne!!! 

Welcome to Bubbles & Books 2.0

We're bringing back our bookish loving podcast this year and talking what's poppin', new releases, books we're currently reading, what's happening in the lit world and everything going on at Dog-Eared Books in Ames, IA. 

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