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Ellyn Loves Taylor Hanson

Ellyn has created another game for Amanda. This time she reads the first sentence of a book she knows Amanda has loved to see if she can figure out which book it is. Ultimately this game poses the question - do you think a first line of a book affects the overall value?

Rachel makes Ellyn play "Roll the Dice on Love" to have her write her own love story. And they both share about their visit to three indie bookstores in Omaha.

We have children's author Becky Scharnhorst visiting the store this Saturday, August 27, at 1 PM. Stop by, get a book signed and enjoy a fun event! 

Indies Love Indies

There is nothing better than an Independent Bookstore supporting another Independent Bookstore. We love watching those in our industry thrive, and we enjoy visiting as many as we can.

What's even great about the indie bookstore industry, is that indies are willing to help, offer advice and provide friendship to someone who is looking to open their own bookstore. 

This week we have Kara, owner of The Slow Down Coffee Co. chatting with Amanda & Ellyn today on Bubbles & Books. Kara's coffee shop is in the historic (and first Des Moines Suburb) Highland Park. She is working towards her goal of opening up a bookstore in her neighborhood. 

Don't forget we are still collecting books for Stories for Story County! You can help us make sure that diverse stories and experiences are getting into the hands of school children. Most books are either 20% - 40% off!

Tanvi Says

For Bubbles & Books, Amanda is joined by Rachel & the lovely Tanvi! Tanvi is the force behind Stories for Story County at Dog-Eared Books. You'll also hear about all the exciting things happening at Dog-Eared Books this month, and what new releases to keep an eye out for. 

There are many underrepresented communities! A library which includes titles that feature disabled characters, for example, should include stories that center a wide range of disabilities rather than those we believe are the most common or with which we are the most familiar.

It’s vital that the students in one’s classroom have access to representative literature. Remembering that many identities and experiences are “invisible” is helpful to avoid creating collections based on what we believe we know about the people we are serving.

If you would like to support Stories for Story County, but don't live locally! Follow this link to purchase book bundles for us to give to teachers and librarians. https://store.dogearedbooksames.com/stories-for-story-county

Meet Britt!

Ellyn is joined by Rachel and Britt. Britt is our School Sales & Support Coordinator. Britt shares all about her role, and an exciting event we have at the end of August. 

Learn about our De-stress with Dog-Eared Books night, and what it means for educators!


BONUS: Summer Reads

Rachel messed up! This episode was supposed to air last week, so enjoy this lovely discussion of Amanda & Ellyn chatting about summer reads! 

Enjoy this fun extra episode and we can't wait till next Tuesday for an all new episode! 

Meet Emily!!

We are back and ready to go with a new episode of Bubbles & Books! Amanda is away, and we have our new events coordinator joining us, Emily!

Emily shares about lovely hobbit self, exciting events she has in the works for Dog-Eared Books and tells us about two exciting events with authors coming up soon!

Don't miss all the latest exciting books that are being released this week, and find out what's poppin' at the store!

Also, Rachel messed up, and so tune in this week for another bonus episode that was supposed to go out last week. 

If you would like to order signed copies of Derek Anderson's books, click here.

If you would like to order signed copies of Becky Scharnhorst's book, click here.


We Are Here For You

Back with another episode of Bubbles & Books and we can't just talk about books in this episode. Amanda & Rachel discuss the recent Supreme Court ruling to overturn Roe vs. Wade, and books to help guide you. 

At one point Amanda mentions Rachel's "Covid avoiding tactics", here's the video to watch it in action. Yes, it's okay to laugh at it. https://bit.ly/3y2xNPc

Thank you for listening, please, subscribe and share and let us know what you think about today's episode! Cheers. 

Hannibal Didn’t Have Good Values

This week we're getting freaky with our favorite thriller-loving bookseller Amy! Her love of The Fourth Monkey by J.D. Barker has made it a best-seller at Dog-Eared Books, and we're excited to hear why the sweetest human likes the creepiest books! Join us today and share with us if bookseller Amy has influenced your reading choices!

Pen Name or Real Name

Amanda has created another bookish game to challenge Ellyn on her smarts. Pen Name or Real Name, where Amanda reads a name and Ellyn has to guess if that's the authors given name, or one made up to publish under. Can you guess them all correctly? Find out by listening to this week's episode of Bubbles & Books! Cheers!

We Can Do Things

Back again with a new episode of Bubbles & Books! Your favorite poppin' podcast. Amanda & Ellyn share books that made them readers as children, as well as discuss out Cheesy Summer Reading Challenge! There are lots of great books coming out this week, and we've got the list to get you started. 

Last week our community faced a tragedy due to gun violence. We continue to implore you to call your representatives and ask for change to be made. 

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