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Let’s Play a Game

April 26, 2022

We have a busy few weeks coming up at the store, so Ellyn decided that for today's episode to play a game with Amanda called "Thriller or Romance". For this game Ellyn searched the interwebs to find the most ridiculous thriller book and romance book titles so she could dramatically read the to Amanda and have her guess what type of book it is. And it's not as easy as it may sound.

We are collaborating with five other indie bookstores in central Iowa for Indie Bookstore Day! We would love for you to participate not only in the joy and fun of Indie Bookstore Day, but the Central Iowa Independent Bookstore Crawl on Saturday, April 30, and all through the month of May. At your first stop, pick up your "bookstore passport" to have stamped at all six bookstores to be entered to win the GRAND Prize! Adventure to all these bookstores on a solo trip, or with all the bookish people in your life. Passports are only available on Saturday, April 30, at any of these six indie bookstore locations. Complete your passport throughout the month of May, and turn it in to your last bookstore stop, to be entered for the grand prize as pictured. When you've received two stamps, you will start earning a 15% discount to use on future purchases at any location, beginning Sunday, May 1.