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Indies Love Indies

August 16, 2022

There is nothing better than an Independent Bookstore supporting another Independent Bookstore. We love watching those in our industry thrive, and we enjoy visiting as many as we can.

What's even great about the indie bookstore industry, is that indies are willing to help, offer advice and provide friendship to someone who is looking to open their own bookstore. 

This week we have Kara, owner of The Slow Down Coffee Co. chatting with Amanda & Ellyn today on Bubbles & Books. Kara's coffee shop is in the historic (and first Des Moines Suburb) Highland Park. She is working towards her goal of opening up a bookstore in her neighborhood. 

Don't forget we are still collecting books for Stories for Story County! You can help us make sure that diverse stories and experiences are getting into the hands of school children. Most books are either 20% - 40% off!